Often times clients leave our office and sit in their car, have a conversation in the parking lot, or go for a walk to process what was just discovered in their counseling appointment. While there is nothing wrong with these actions, sometimes it’s helpful to have a little more room and privacy to process thoughts, feelings, and desires. This is why The Listening Room exists:

Space to Listen
Space to Talk
Space to Process
Space to Transition

The Listening Room (TLR) began as a room located in our office suite that was setup as a space to use prior to or after a counseling appointment. While this room is not always available (it is used by other therapists in our practice), the idea of this room is what matters.

The golden rule of woodworking is “measure twice, cut once.” In relationships, we often get that advice backwards. We cut before we measure. More specifically, we speak before we listen. TLR is designed to be a space to listen first, and then to listen again. Listen for God; for understanding; for responsibility; for needs; and for the good. This is a space for quiet internal and external processing. 

We recommend developing a similar space in your home. This could be inside or outside (or perhaps it is your vehicle). Set aside a space to allow your life to speak, or to allow your partner’s life to speak. The goal is to take the safety of a counseling office and develop this in your life that is more readily accessible to you.

If you’re in our suite and need time in TLR, feel free to use it if the door is open and unoccupied. Extended time can be arranged for this space as well (weekend or evening retreats). For more information, contact us.