My approach to supervision is focused on two aspects of a therapists role: Clinical skills development and person-of-the-therapist work. I believe that the greatest change agent in the therapeutic process is the relationship between therapist and client. While the supervision relationship is not therapy, it follows a similar path that helps the trainee know and explore their story in real time as it relates to their work with clients.

Individual Supervision – $100/hour
Dyad Supervision – $130/hour
Group Supervision 1.5 Hours – $45/person


I greatly appreciated my supervision time spent with Samuel.  In grad school, I knew I wanted to model my therapeutic style after Irving Yalom’s interpersonal writings.  Samuel was excellent at helping me understand and grow my ‘person of the therapist,’ which I still believe is the most powerful therapeutic intervention.  Conceptualizing cases with Samuel and his helping me work to understand what feelings I was having when I felt overwhelmed, stuck, or confused are tools I continue to use everyday in my individual, marriage, and group therapy.
Jeff Grossman

Samuel was my supervisor for over two years and in that time, I grew tremendously. I had been a stay-at-home mom for fifteen years and had many fears about re-entering the profession. Samuel provided a safe place for me to name these fears and insecurities, and see the deeper issues within my clients and myself.  He taught me that my work as a therapist is directly tied to the work I am willing to do in my own life. The guidance that I received from Samuel laid the foundation for the therapist I am today.  I will always be grateful. 
Beth Jones

Samuel knew what I needed as I was starting my counseling practice. He provided a safe and non-judgmental place for me to process my anxiety, as well as very practical wisdom for self care and organizing my weekly schedule. Samuel was so brilliant with helping me understand the work I needed to invite my clients into and what that meant for my work with them in the here and now. 
Will Mooney

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