Counseling provides a constructive space for the client and therapist to listen, explore, and engage together about the challenges that the client is facing. Regardless if this is your first time seeking professional help, or you’ve had previous counseling experiences, we can help. 

We work with adult men and women on a variety of life challenges. Our team is trained in professional counseling or marriage and family therapy, and we approach individual counseling from number of different therapeutic frameworks. Fundamentally we believe that all humans were created to be in relationships and it is in relationship that we experience deep pain and find great healing. Research shows that the greatest agent of change is what takes place in the relationship between the client and therapist. Our main areas of experience are:

Sexual Integrity
Relationship Stress
Weight and Body Challenges
Work & Life Balance
“Nice Guys”
Addiction & Recovery
Spiritual Formation
Career Transitions
Mid-Life Challenges
Emotional and Mental Wellness

What to expect in your first counseling appointment

You and your therapist will first discuss the reasons why you are seeking help at this time and then they will talk with you about the process of therapy (including confidentiality, informed consent, HIPAA guidelines, and structure of appointments). The majority of your time will be spent getting to know you and then setting appropriate goals for your counseling.

We generally work with clients on a weekly basis as it provides the clearest and quickest path to establishing trust and safety in the counseling relationship. It is up to you and your therapist to decide the length of time that you will be working together. Because counseling is a dynamic process, we encourage clients to ask questions about the counseling relationship, reevaluate goals, and be honest about how counseling is working or not working.

Contact us and let’s get started working together.