Fundamentally we humans are all asking two questions about each other: Do you like me; and Are you going to leave me. Both questions reveal the fragility of our identity, and to what lengths we will go to to avoid the disastrous answers to those questions. These questions have been with us before we could speak, and will stay with us through our final breath.

To what lengths will you go to get someone to like you? How much of your God given uniqueness will you give up to gain someone’s approval? How many people will you vow to never speak to again when you find out they are going to leave you? Do you know what happens to you when you don’t feel liked, or when you are betrayed/abandoned?

We are incredibly finite and fragile people, yet we are capable of great construction and destruction. How we live our lives to answer these two questions will have a huge impact on what we grow, or what we will destroy.

What questions are you asking about your life?