Below is an article at USAToday about the human trafficking industry. It’s an international issue that is happening in our backyards, so to speak, and is not going away. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that is supported in millions of homes across the US through porn, adult-films, and other adult related content. Edmund Burke shared that for evil triumphs when good men do nothing. What part can you play in stopping the slavery of women and children in the US, and around the globe?

“A plague more commonly associated with other countries has been taking young victims in the United States, one by one. Though the scope of the problem remains uncertain — no national statistics for the number of U.S. victims exist — the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says at least 100,000 children across the country are trafficked each year.

Across the nation, the stories arrive with varying imprints of the callousness and depravity of the sex traffickers. One girl was sold during a sleepover, handed over by her classmate’s father. Another slept with clients during her school lunch breaks. A third was choked by her “boyfriend,” then forced to have sex with 14 men in one night.

Young people at the fringes of school, runaways looking for someone to care and previously abused victims fall into the traps of traffickers who often pretend to love them.

The perpetrators — increasingly younger — can be other students or gang members who manipulate victims’ weaknesses during recess or after school, law enforcement officials say. They often bait victims by telling them they will be beautiful strippers or escorts but later ply them with drugs — ecstasy pills, cocaine, marijuana and the like — and force them into sex schemes.”

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