We tend to think about assets in terms of financial perspectives. How do we spend our money? How do we invest/save our money?
These, among others, are questions that every marriage deals with. Even if you’re not asking those questions, you’re still dealing with those questions.
There’s a different kind of asset that we forget to talk about: Emotional assets.
Every relationship has an emotional bank account. You make deposits and withdrawals from that account. As is the case with money, when you run a negative balance, life becomes a stressful grind. Each of us has a tolerance as to how long we can go running a negative balance, both financially and emotionally.
Some marriages live paycheck to paycheck, every day needing some kind of positive experience to keep going. Others have invested well, and can go for a period of time through emotional debts and be ok.
What is the balance for your relationship’s emotional bank account?